Operational concerns: impingement & screen blocking

From an operational viewpoint, impingement can be sufficient to cause screen blockage, damage to filtration equipment and a disruption in the water supply. Examples where this has occurred are sprat (Sprattus sprattus) impingement at Dungeness nuclear power station, England and jellyfish impingement in power stations in both the UK and the Middle East. There have even been cases of blockage by starfish, seaweed and bryozoans.

Planning: We have provided computer predictions of levels of fish impingement at proposed power station sites around the UK, using our own software, which is based on many years of data of actual catches.
Ongoing monitoring programs: We are carrying out monitoring of fish impingement (including salmon/trout smolts), entrainment, water quality, and the causes and impacts of CW discharge foaming, at a number of UK power stations.
Intensive impingement studies: We completed 4 years of intensive 24-hour impingement samples at 2 UK nuclear power plants, in connection with the proposals for new-build nuclear stations, providing an unparalleled volume of data on fish impingement.

Pisces have produced expert system software to predict conditions when blockages are likely so that appropriate preventive action can be taken - please contact us.